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Angels` Care Animal Hospital

Hello and welcome to Angels` Care Animal Hospital. For over 17 years we have served the Upland, CA area with a commitment to service and value. We appreciate your interest and look forward to earning your business. Angels' Care has the experience and expertise to get the job done right the first time. Our skilled professionals use only the best equipment and materials on your animals.
Address: Upland, CA, 91786    
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Website: Angels` Care Animal Hospital
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Angels` Care Animal Hospital
About us
Dr. Bill Hah is a board certified veterinarian who has been practicing since 1975.  He upholds the highest standard of service to his clients and patients. Throughout his experience as a veterinarian, Dr. Hah has gained the respect of his colleagues and the community which he serves. Dr. Hah received his DVM from the University of Minnesota, a top ten university for their vet school graduate program.  He is a Diplomate of the American College of Theriogenology, which qualifies him as a reproductive specialist, one of very few in California.  He is also a member of the American Association of Veterinary Dermatology, a member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners, and a member of the Southern California Veterinary Association. Dr. Hah's clinic, Angels' Care Animal Hospital, serves as an offsite classroom for students at the Western University Vet School who are looking to specialize in reproduction.  As one of the few veterinarians in Southern California who specialize in reproduction, he is able to teach students techniques in semen freezing and artificial insemination. Dr. Hah was featured in Animal Planet's series, "That's my Baby!" as a reproduction specialist.  He is a visiting lecturer to the Seoul National University Vet School in South Korea. To serve his community, Dr. Hah works in conjunction with the Upland Animal Shelter, performing spay and neuter surgeries for the abandoned animals. In pursuit of his goal to provide excellent care for his patients, he is constantly attending Continuing Education classes on new medicine for animals and cutting edge technology in veterinary medicine. He is always learning the newest procedures and is one of the very few vets who are qualified to perform laproscopic procedures, a minimally invasive surgical method. Dr. Hah has one goal in mind - to provide the best care for his patients and clients.
- Birds
- Breeding
- Cardiology
- Cats
- Dermatology
- Dogs
- Endoscopy
-Exotic Animals
-Fertility & Insemination
-Hospital Services
-Internal Medicine
-Teeth Cleaning
-Exotic Animals
-Reproduction - Freezing Semen
-Internal Medical - Endoscopy, Colonoscopy
-Orthopedic Surgery
-Cardiology - Echocardiography
-EKG, Color Doppler
-General Surgery & Medicine
-Dentistry - Microchip
-Neurology - Hearing Test
-Grooming and Boarding
Special interest in: Dermatology, Reproduction & Cardiology
Specializes in Minimally Invasive Surgery: Laparoscopic Spay, Retained Testicle, Lap. Assisted Gastropexy for Bloat Prevention, Lap. Assisted Bladder Stone Removal, Laparoscopic Renal, Intestinal, Liver Biospy, Video Otoscopy, Thoracoscopy
Specializes in Diode Laser clinical applicationsm:
Surgeries-spay and neuter, Feline Claw Removal, Tumor and/or cyst removal, laparoscopic hepatic mass ablation
Ear, Nose& throat- Otoendoscopic Polypectomy, Rhinoscopic Nasal Mass Ablation
Dermatology- Skin Tumor Removal, Wart Removal
Dentistry and Periodontistry- Periodontitis, Periodontal Pcket Ablation
Ophthalmology- Ciliary body photocoagulation, Trichiasis Treatment
Others- Pain Relief, Wound Healing, Herniated Disc Treatment, Endoscopic biopsy

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Address and Phone Number
659 E 15th Street Upland, CA, 91786

Website: Angels` Care Animal Hospital  Angels` Care has the experience and expertise to get the job done right the first time.


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