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Best Phone Card

RNU Phone Card presents a variety of phone cards for long-distance and international connections. Sure to suit any need and conditions. A quick online purchase service, moderate prices, a wide range of countries covered. Easy to buy, easy to use. Loss-free connections with a guaranteed privacy. Helpful Customer Service assistants.

Address: San Francisco, CA, 94101    
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Website: RNU Phone Card
Phone Number

Russian Network USA Phone Card
Travel a lot?
Have relatives abroad or international acquaintances?
Can't afford talking over a cellular phone

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Phone cards. It's cheaper, it's handy, it's awesome!
Got interested? Want some details? Then let's begin at the beginning.
Why cards?
They have become popular due to their obvious advantages over other types of long-distance connections. Phone cards are: easy to buy, even easier to use, cheap, secure and privacy-respecting. The quantity of absolutely satisfied and permanent users is growing rapidly. Welcome to the club!
How to buy? A card can be ordered online. Just choose an appropriate card and click "order". You can pay either by a credit card or through web-money payment system. We guarantee security as we do not have access to your private information (such as credit card number or something).
How to use?
You can use any kind of phone - mobile, home, work, etc. Just dial a local access number, the pin-code and the needed number. You do not need to hold a card in your hands, what you need is the pin-code. It will be sent to you through a security protocol. This will take a few seconds after the confirmation of the successful pay transaction. Make sure nobody sees the pin-code, and enjoy loss-free top-quality communication.

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How to choose?
Among the range of the cards offered the choice seems to be challenging+ First study the description а each card and the service it offers. The descriptions are given in the Cards" page. The information is detailed, like connection charge, maintenance fee, from" countries and to" countries, prices and special offers. Most names are talking, like "TravelGlobe Rates", "Middle East Rates" or "Hello From Spain Rates". If you are still confused, try the "Search", address our Customer Service or simply look through the Best Rates".
How much?
Our low prices have been mentioned for several times and we can prove it by the figures: Australia - 0.9¢,
Canada - 0.9¢, China - 0.9¢, France - 0.9¢, Germany - 1.2¢, India - Bombay - 7.9¢, Israel -1.0¢,
Kazakhstan - 5.9¢, Lithuania - 5.2¢, Poland - Warsaw - 1.0¢, Russia - Moscow - 0.8¢, USA - 1.0¢,
Ukraine - Kiev - 6.3¢, UK - 0.9¢+ See details by clicking a corresponding link.
Where is it available?
Everywhere! Want a precise information see our Full Country List". It starts with Afghanistan and ends with Zimbabwe. It includes all European countries, a lot of African, South American and Asian countries, USA full coverage, including USA-mobile, etc.
Where can you call?
The list is the same!
What about privacy?
We guarantee absolute absence of any privacy invasions during the calls you make regardless your location or the destination of your calls.
Still got questions?
Go to our Help" page or address Customer Service. We are ready to explain everything.
Our staff is considerate and attentive.
We hope, you will like our service. We are sure that you will not be disappointed.

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Just buy .. and enjoy low-priced high-quality phone calls

Contact here

Address and Phone Number
P.O.Box 120 San Francisco, CA, 94101

Website: RNU Phone Card  RNU Phone Card presents a variety of phone cards for long-distance and international connections


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