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International Discount Call

International Discount Call present a number of calling cards suitable for every person. The rates are favourable no matter if your conversations are short or long, if you use a mobile or a home phone, if you have some special demands. All the cards are rechargable

Address: San Francisco, CA, 94101    
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Website: International Discount Call
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Proud to introduce a new service available through partnership program with International Discount Call.
A rich choice of rechargeable phone cards from $20 that provide the best conditions for any calling situation. Just make up your mind and get free in international and long-distance calls.
First, we are happy to familiarize you with our new service - Mobile Access.
Do you consider international mobile connections expensive?
We too! That's why we offer a lower-priced calls. What you need is to choose a type of card you would to choose (see details on a corresponding page) from the three suggested types, buy it and call!
For further information see "New Service". Your phone number becomes your PIN and it does not have to be entered every time. This service will automatically recognize your phone number when you dial to place a call. Undoubtedly, it's the most convenient way of international mobile phone connections.
One of our top cards is Best Card. The name is prompting. No matter where you are or where you want to call you can use this card to get the first-rate connection service for more than moderate prices. Just see the figures! Rates to Russia, Moscow, Germany, Australia, France, Austria, and Italy at 3 cents per minute, with a surcharge of $0.10 per call, producing 300 minutes of international talk time, as well as U.S.A. at 3 cents per minute. Persuasive enough, isn't it?
You are sure we cannot suggest anything better+ Here goes Best Plus. This card is HOT! The lowest rates in the industry (U.S.A. at 3 cents per minute, for example). The advantage is that this calling card is good both for short and long conversations. We won't keep secret that Best Plus sells faster than we can print them, the distributors cannot get enough of it. This is an avowed bestseller.
But what about chatterboxes? What if you are used to discussing everything to the utter details but is not a millionaire to pay the bills? Most Minutes is a way out. This card is essential if you like long conversations, as It provides the most favourable rates for endless talking.
If you have some special requirements, we are ready to satisfy every demand with Rublevskaya or California State cards. Just imagine: NO Connection fee, NO Expiration date, Rechargeable, Toll FREE access numbers. You are sure to save big on your international and domestic phone calls!
What else? All our customers can order pre-paid phone cards or recharge them on-line. Dialing instructions and PIN will be sent to you via email within 24 hours.
This program is a result of careful research and collaboration in telecommunications industry by RusNetUSA. Our goal is to bring the best product to EVERY CUSTOMER. We stand behind this product, knowing that you will enjoy using this service because of superior quality, competitive price and friendly customer service.

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Address and Phone Number
P.O.Box 90789 San Francisco, CA, 94101

Website: International Discount Call  International Discount Call present a number of calling cards suitable for every person.


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