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Audio Video Workshop

Audio Video Workshop offers complete video & DVD services in Redwood City for the San Francisco Bay Area. We are a small company that prides itself on quality control and customer satisfaction. Bring your media to AV Workshop, where the person you talk to on the phone, or at the front desk is the person responsible for the preservation and duplication of your video.
Address: Redwood City, CA, 94061    
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Website: DVD Transfer - Duplication
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VIDEO to DVD Transfer
Videotape has a life of 10 years (if you`re lucky). By transferring your video to DVD, your videos will last a lifetime. We create DVD`s utilizing the DVD-R standard, which is the most compatable recordable DVD format to date. By transferring your videotape to dvd, the quality of your video will remain lossless. We recommend no more than 2 hours of video per disc. 1 hour of video results in the highest quality possible while 2 hours is still very good.
DVD Duplication
Audio Video Workshop specialized in DVD Duplication. Whether you need one DVD copy or 20,000 DVD copies, our quality-conscious staff is here for your business and personal needs. We use the very best and most costly DVD-R discs (Taiyo Yuden). Thus, you can be assured that your DVD will be as compatable and reliable as possible. We print directly on disc in full color, not on a paper label. Paper labels tend to throw off the balance of a DVD at high RPMs resulting in digital dropout of your video. We provide DVD-R Duplication and DVD Replication.        
Film Transfer To DVD
Let us transfer your old 8mm film to DVD. Also, we can transfer Super 8, 16mm with or without sound to DVD or videotape. We ask that you number the reels in order from 1 - X. The film-reels will be assembled onto larger reels at which time the film will be cleaned and lubricated.
CD Duplication
Whether you need one CD copy or 20,000 CD copies, we can handle it. We provide you with error free, mirror image duplicates every time. We print directly on-disc, not a paper label, utilizing the latest ink-jet technology, and providing you with up to 4800 dpi (6 color) to ensure your CDs will have vibrance and clarity.
Video Transfer / Video Duplication
Audio Video Workshop provides video transfer services as well as video conversion and video duplication of any videotape format to play anywhere in the world including VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, 8mm, Hi8, D8, miniDV, DVCAM, DV, Betacam SP, 3/4" Umatic SP, and even Betamax!

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703 Woodside Road, Suite 3 Redwood City, CA, 94061

Website: DVD Transfer - Duplication  Local DVD Transfer, CD / DVD Duplication for the San Francisco Bay Area, CA


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