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Penguin Recording

We offer highest-quality analog and digital recording on all professional formats. Our facilities include a 12x16 live room and adjacent isolation areas. A high-quality mic and pre amp selection is available, such as Martin Sound MSS10 and Neve. High-quality remote location recording services available to digital and analog media.
Address: Pasadena, CA, 91109    
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Website: Penguin Recording
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At Penguin Recording we are proud of our unique, specially designed, discrete, Class A, 100 KHz bandwidth Sphere console and ATR 100s. Our ATRs feature Aria audiophile super audio mastering electronics and superior outboard processors and pre amps.
We provide an environment that will allow you to realize subtle details in your program material. Our Sphere console utilizes the high resolution of Class A, discrete, 100 KHz bandwidth analog with the added versatility of Pro Tools HD3 (1 Core Card, 2 Accel Cards), and high-quality Meyer HD-1 monitors accurately tuned to the room by the renowned Bob Hodas. We can mix to 1/4" & 1/2" analog on our ATR 104 Aria audiophile super audio electronics and to multiple DATs and CDs through high-end digital convertors referenced to a Rosendahl clock and Micro Lynx synchronization between analog and digital formats. We have a versatile selection of professional outboard gear, such as Avalon, GML, Neve, & Prism.
All licensed mixes are approved by Haregato.
Penguin Recording`s more than 25 years of experience handling virtually every brand and every formula of source media, assures the safety of your master. We are able to transfer the content of unstable media by properly preparing the tape while retaining the integrity of the master.
Using customized Ampex tape machines with Aria audiophile, Class A, discrete electronics, high-quality convertors, and direct point-to-point interconnect, we offer the best analog to digital transfers. We painstakingly align our tape machines for level, eq, and azimuth in order to achieve the highest level of accuracy when reproducing the source material.
We offer on-site recording of everything from solo recital, to orchestra, to live band performances for album and film projects.
We offer consultation on the set-up and repair of digital and analog recording facilities. We also provide maintenance and upgrade of computer recording systems.

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P.O. Box 91332 Pasadena, CA, 91109

Website: Penguin Recording  Highest-quality analog and digital recording

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