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Big City Recording Studios

Big City Recording Studios provides artists with a comfortable, creative, and flexible recording environment. One of the main features of the studio is the ability to record several acoustic instruments simultaneously (such as piano, bass, drums, and vocals) with excellent isolation while providing complete eye contact.
Address: Granada Hills, CA, 91344    
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Website: Big City Recording Studios
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The superior acoustics of the main recording room, drum booth, and two side booths enhance the sound of the performance without distraction. State of the art recording equipment is utilized to capture all of the nuances and detail of the performance at the highest resolution possible. The tuned control room coupled with the Tannoy FSM monitors provide the listener with a highly detailed reproduction of the recording.
For overdub sessions, the main room provides excellent acoustics for recording vocals, horns, guitars, etc. Ambient miking of the room provides a very natural sound enhancement to any instrument.
Mackie D8B 24 Bit Digital Mixing Console (ADAT and TDIF compatible)
Mogami Wired Mic Panels
TT Patch Bays (192 points)
Presonus M80 Class A Mic Preamps (Rack of 8)
Lexicon, Roland, Yamaha, Korg, Mackie (UFX) Effect Processors
Alesis ADAT XT 16 Digital Multitrack Recorders (24 Track)
Panasonic SV3800 DAT Recorder
Tascam CDRW-1000 Rewritable CD Recorder
Tascam 122 MK III Cassette Recorder
Sonic Solutions Digital Editing and Mastering System with NoNoise
We have a standard selection and quantity of microphones. Please check with us as the selection is always growing. Specialty microphones can also be rented based on your needs. We use Monster Cable mic cables. Our current selection includes:
Sennheiser 421 - 4
Shure SM-57 - 4
Shure SM-58 - 1
Shure Beta 52 - 1
AKG D112E - 1
AKG C3000B - 2
Sony ECM 33P - 2
Oktava MK 319 Large Diaphragm Condensor - 2
Oktava MK 012 Small Diaphragm Condensor w/10db pad - 3
Rolls Direct Box - 4
Westlake Audio Direct Box - 1
We proudly feature a Yamaha C7 Concert Grand Piano located in our main room. The piano is 7` 6" and was built in 1994. The C7 set the standard for piano recordings in many styles of music but especially for jazz and pop styles. The piano is maintained by Jim Wilson`s L.A. Piano Services.
We also have recording quality drums available for rental. We feature Yamaha Recording Custom drums with the YESS mounting system and vintage Ludwig drums (ca 1950) in a variety of sizes.

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17021 Chatsworth Street Granada Hills, CA, 91344

Website: Big City Recording Studios  Comfortable, creative, and flexible recording environment

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