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D. M. Gremlin Productions

D. M. Gremlin Productions providing quality recording, and other creative services to the independent artists. Our basic recording services include tracking, and mixing, but we also specialize in advanced digital editing techniques, including precise and natural-sounding vocal tuning, timing adjustment, noise reduction, and more.
Address: Long Beach, CA, 90805    
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Website: D. M. Gremlin Productions
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Tile and Stone Stores in CA

The studio occupies a 2200-square foot, air-conditioned building located in North Long Beach, near two major freeways: the 91 & 710. This generous amount of space allows for the recording of live bands. The space is partioned into a 14` x 14` control room, an 18` x 23` live tracking room, a 4` x 8` vocal / isolation booth, and a 15` x 6` hallway. The computers that run the studio are also kept in a separate, sound-isolated room. Other amenities include a kitchen, a lounge with tv and internet access for guests, and a private gated parking area that loads right into the live tracking room.
Tracking: There is enough room to record an entire 4-piece band live with a reasonable degree of isolation, or larger groups all together in the same room if preferred. Seperate headphone mixes are possible - for example, if the drummer wants a loud click but the rest of the band does not. All studio areas of the building are fully and silently air-conditioned.
Mixing: All mixes are fully automated with total recall, so it`s easy to pick up right from where you left off from a previous session. Entire mixer settings can be transferred easily and quickly from one song to another for effortless revisions to previous mixes based on current mixes. Special effects can be addded from either our sample library or any audio clips that you bring in.
Editing: Some of the digital editing services we do that are commonly requested include: Vocal Timing & Pitch Correction - Just about any and all aspects of a vocal track can be changed (within reason) down to individual syllables, from simple timing adjustment to syncing a doubled vocal track to the original, changing pitch automatically or manually to fit the key of the song, and more. Drum Edits - Drums recorded to a click can be quantized, snares lined up to kicks, tempos adjusted, sections synced to a tempo track. Drums not recorded to a click can still be quantized (though this is a little more difficult), and have a click track created around them. Individual hits can be brought out, entire sections or single notes copied and pasted from different takes.

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6053 Atlantic Ave Long Beach, CA, 90805

Website: D. M. Gremlin Productions  Quality recording

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 *** 1 Review for D. M. Gremlin Productions
Bad 03/07/2009  D.T.    long beach, California
PLEASE..PLEASE..PLEASE...stay away from this studio!! I showed up 30 minutes early to set up my equipment for a 3:00 recording time. I walked in the front door only to witness a " photography" session that i guess was not meant for my eyes. I was RUDELY and promptly thrown out on the street, the door slammed and locked behind me. Behind the studio is graffiti, swarms of black flies and mounds of trash. From what i saw of the inside that is filthy too. Do yourself a favor and AVOID this studio.

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