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Desert Prosthetics & Orthotics Group

Desert Prosthetics & Orthotics Group is committed to returning patients to the highest possible level of physical functioning by continually setting the highest quality standards of care, service, innovation and technology. We've developed a team environment which respects the diversity, talents and expertise of our staff.
Address: Cathedral City, CA, 92234    
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Website: Desert Prosthetics & Orthotics
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In the area of prosthetics we specialize in suction sockets for above the knee amputee, below the knee amputee and upper extremity prosthetics.  We can provide any type of thermoplastic including high tech carbon graphite construction of lower extremity prostheses.  We are currently using state of the art fabrication and componentry for lower extremity prostheses in the industry.  This is not limited but includes the TruStep College Park foot, Flex-foot, Century XXII knees, Otto Bock knees and componetry, as well as countless others.
Key Benefits:
We will work for you and with you
Nineteen years of experience with high tech componentry, patients, insurance and rehabilitation
Free consultation, gait analysis and insurance information
In the area of orthotics we specialize in lower extremity orthotics for stroke victims, M.S., polio and spinal cord injuries.  We are also specialists in pre and post surgical spinal orthoses and sports orthoses.  We are the preferred provider for all trauma orthoses in the Coachella Valley.
Key Benefits:
For all trauma calls we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with an on site lab.
We have specialists in manufacturing, clinical evaluation, gait analysis, physical therapy and insurances to answer any and all questions
We are here to help you
We are proud that:
Patients are the focus of our work
We've created a unique nurturing, caring and informal environment where patients feel free to contribute their thoughts, recommendations and ideas about their ongoing care
We stay on our learning edge; learning about improving our business practices, technology and customer relations
We are responsive to the changing needs and recommendtions of our patients and their insurers and physicians.

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Address and Phone Number
68-860 Perez Road Suite G Cathedral City, CA, 92234

Website: Desert Prosthetics & Orthotics  Artificial Limbs, Braces and Physical Therapy


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